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Met Police Officers play a vital role in keeping London safe.

Joining as a Police Officer for the Met has now changed.

You can now earn a competitive starting salary of circa £30k per annum whilst studying towards a fully funded qualification.

You will be making a difference to the lives of Londoners as well as representing the City you live in.

With a mixture of university sessions alongside operational on the job training, it’s a perfect method for honing and practising your new found skills – from the classroom to the streets of London.

Once you have completed your training and probation there are so many different roles and promotional opportunities to choose from.

Whether you wish to be a Sergeant and lead a team, or work with Dogs or Mounted Branch – even Firearms, Antiques and Wildfire need officers to assist with the crime that happens within these specialised fields.

There is a job in the Metropolitan Police to suit everyone – you get to decide the moment you apply to be an officer within this organisation where your career will go.

We are the most known police force in the world, with a history and brand.


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